Tired of annoying pop-ups?  Wish you could skip the pre-roll ads before the video begins?


Surf the web without distractions and save data for just the content you want.


Take back the Internet. At home and on the go.

Save Data. Block Ads. Improve Security.

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Surf the Internet free of ads and save data on your monthly mobile plan.

Time is money. AdTrap saves you both.




Per Month

100MB of ad blocking




Per Month

Unlimited ad blocking

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Ad Free. At Home.

AdTrap for your home is a router-level ad-blocker.

Just plug an AdTrap into your Internet router, and surf away ad-free!

"The device that could change the Internet" -


Reg. Price $159


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Why AdTrap?

Save Bandwidth & Surf with Peace of Mind

Device, Browser, Router & Content Independent

Quick Setup & Auto Updates

AdTrap prevents ads from reaching any of your devices, blocks ads in all web browsers, works with any Internet router, wired or Wi-Fi network and ensures ad-free surfing on websites, apps, audio and video streams.

Setting up AdTrap at home is simple. Plug it into your Internet router and you're done.

With automatic updates, AdTrap blocks new ads as they are released.

With AdTrap, pages load faster, are less cluttered and use less bandwidth.

Worried about safety? Malicious software embedded in ads never reach your device.

All Devices. All the Time.

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