Quick Setup & Install

Connect your new AdTrap to your network, just plug in and go ad-free on all your devices.

Step 1.
Plug one end of the included Network cable into any open Ethernet port on your Router (either an all-in-one modem/router or a separate router).

Step 2.
Plug in the other end of the Network cable into the LAN port of your AdTrap.

Step 3.
Power up the AdTrap using the included power cord.

Step 4.
Look at the indicator lights in front of your AdTrap: 1. Heartbeat light will start flashing
2. Disk Activity light will be intermittent
3. Proxy light will stay ON
4. Internet connectivity light will start flashing, wait a few minutes (5 minutes max.) until it stops flashing and stays ON

Step 5.
Delete your Internet cache in your browser.

* If you don't know how to clear your browser cache please click on the button for step by step instructions.

Step 6.

All of your WiFi and Network devices are automatically configured to work with AdTrap.